JJ Rassler & Thee Cuban Heels - Behold!

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Behold! After 45 years in the spotlight, JJ Rassler marks his debut as a bandleader with a 14-song stroll down an alley lined with old school rock and soul. Backed by Thee Cuban Heels, his hand-picked team of musical marauders, Rassler's razor slashing guitar work and bourbon smooth vocals cut a wide swath of exuberant melodical angst well-tempered by the wisdom that can only come from four-plus decades of rock and roll.

Part revival meeting, part back alley streetfight, JJ Rassler & Thee Cuban Heels are the 21st Century soundtrack to an imaginary rumble between the Yardbirds, Link Wray and Dion & The Belmonts.

Shades • I Don't Wanna Talk About It • Candy • Book 'Em • Castin' My Spell • Suspicion • Number One • Cadillac • Behold • Somewhere In The Night • Sorrow • Route One • Tiger Beat • Cuban Stroll

TCH live @ Johnny D's

$12 ppd US / $20 ppd elsewhere

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